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Do’s And Dont’s To Lose Weight | Weight Loss Tips





Here’s a great list of do’s and don’ts-  That’s about to become your belly bible.



Water retention is caused by excess fluids that build up in the body.



Drinking a lot of water is the answer. Because what this does is that it constantly flushes out all the toxins and the fluids from your body thus preventing water retention.




Two glasses every morning flush out the toxins and fires up your metabolism.



Drinking 1 glass of water 60 minutes after a meal allows the body enough time to absorb the nutrients.



1 glass 30 minutes before showering is a great way to lower your blood pressure.



When you feel totally exhausted,you’re probably dehydrated!



Have two glasses to fuel up.



The answer to this isn’t to do a lot of push-ups and crunches. Because even though that does seem perfectly normal.




Because they are all abs exercises what you need to do first is a lot of cardio.



Either swimming, walking, jogging anything that gets your heart pumping.



Because what these do is that they burn the layer of fat right off your belly paving the way to your abs that are underneath.



So think of it more like a shovel that’s digging through layers of dirt to get to the treasure.



Even though it seems perfectly logical to go hardcore on all your abs exercises and kill it with the crunches don’t do something like this by getting carried away with like these 100 crunches a day challenges



Because these do not help because numbers are not that important as opposed to constantly keeping your core engaged so even 20 sit-ups done right will do a world of a difference as compared to a 100 sit-ups don’t completely carelessly.





I’m going to show you a few exercises without crunching up that will still get you that flat tummy.



So, now let’s start with the toe taps.



The first exercise place your hands down by the side-take one leg up into the tabletop position and then take the other leg up into the tabletop position.



Maintain this, keep your core nice and tight and engaged.



All I want you to do is exhale tap your toes to the floor inhale back up exhale down inhale up.



You can do about 10 repetitions to start with core exercise is new to you otherwise you can go up to 30 repetitions.



It’s a great one to warm up and stabilize the body and the core.



Now that you’re relatively war let’s add in a bit of a challenge.



What I want you to do is place your hands out to the side shoulder level a little below shoulder level, take one foot up to the table top my favorite position and the other foot up to the tabletop.



Maintain this and then drop your knees out to one side and back to center.



This is the basic one.


Drop your knees to the other side and center.



Make sure you keep this angle the same you don’t want to do this.



Yes, maintain the table top



Just drop the knees outcome back to the center and drop the knees out and back to center.



So that adds that little pressure on the oblique muscles and really makes you work it hard.



These foods that thrill your tummy have got to make it to your list.



White meats like fish and chicken are great because they are extremely lean and full of protein.



An intake of omega 3 fatty acids is also extremely essential to any fat belly diet.



It is because they aid the breakdown of fat in the body and even reduce any additional fat storage because weirdly enough it takes fat to burn fat.



Great sources of omega 3 fatty acids are fish like salmon mackerel and tuna.



Include salmon in your diet by baking or grilling it depending on your preference and serve it up with some stir-fried veggies simply add some asparagus and lemon.




Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli are also a great addition because



They have very few calories but still a lot of nutrients.



Get your own inner-Popeye only using spinach in a salad tossed with some fresh tomatoes and feta cheese simply sprinkle some over your pasta.



So, in conclusion, thou must take these points into consideration to get thy self that glorious gut.


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