Must Have Supplement for Muscle Growth


I think it’s important to understand, what to expect from a supplement and what to take for certain areas of the training that you might be struggling with.



Protein supplement and it’s probably one of the basic things to take you’ll have the protein shake straight after the workout session.



The reason to take protein straight after the workout session is that when you go to the gym you damage your muscle fibers.



And after the workout your muscles are starving, your muscles are in need of recovery so if you provide protein shake straight after the workout session.



It gets in your system quickly especially if you mix it with water.



So you’ll need a single scoop of whey protein of the optimum nutrition gold standard whey with about 150 ml of water.



With Gold standard whey or any protein powders of good quality protein powders you only need one scoop of protein with about 150 ml of water.



So this is the muscle recovery.



This is what feeds your muscles after the workout session.



After you’ve plateaued with a weight if you can’t get over the certain weight limit and you would like to lift a little bit heavier weights stacking.



Whey protein with creatine will get you over that weight limit.



Creatine helps with strength increase.



It will improve your strength, when you are stronger you will be pushing heavier weights.



Pushing heavier weights you’re providing more stimulus for the muscles to grow.



You’ll rip up more muscle fibers.



So then after that workout session, you can have again Gold standard whey or any other high-protein whey.



To help with that muscle regrowth a really good addition to the Gold standard whey and creatine are BCAA’s.


BCAAs is the intra-workout session Drink.



So you will put one scoop of the BCAAs in your water bottle.



While you’re training and having the serving in your workout means that your muscles are fed all the way throughout the workout session.



So you don’t have to wait to finish your workout.



Your muscle recovery starts while you still damaging the other muscle fibers.



BCAA’s can also be had in your water bottle on your training day.



The reason to take BCAA’s on non-training day is that when you go to the gym for particular workout session.




You’ve damaged your muscle fibers so the following day your muscle fibers from the previous day are recovering.



So by having amino’s in your bottle after the training.



You making sure that your muscles have enough amino’s that have enough food to get recovered.



Make sure that you’re relaxed just before going to bed you’re going to sleep and you go into deep sleep.




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