Sunscreen Lotion Side Effects


We are suffering due to hot sun nearly for 99% of the year.


To escape from the sun rays we tend to apply sunscreen twice or thrice in a day.


Both men and women are taking care of their beauty.


If we ask whether they are following the right method, mostly the answer will be no and we use various creams without knowing whether it is suitable for us or not.


If you use sunscreen like this it may create a problem. Let’s see how to use sunscreen and what is present in it.


Chemicals used in sunscreen is dangerous and when we use it regularly it can cause skin irritation, allergy etc.,


The chemical can affect hormones also and sunscreen contains 80 % of a dangerous chemical & oxybenzone.


We wish to protect our skin from sun rays but sunlight is necessary for our skin.


Vitamin D we get from sunlight is beneficial but the ultraviolet rays emitted by it is harmful to our skin.


To protect our skin we can follow natural ways instead of applying sunscreen.


Olive oil and sunflower oil are good moisturizers and it contains vitamin E too.


It will also protect us from sunlight so before going out you can apply it on your skin.


To protect your skin from darkening apply a mixture of aloe vera gel and tender coconut on your skin.


Bath twice a day, wash your face frequently to avoid sweat, and you can get rid of heat by applying pack with dark-colored fruits or vegetables.


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