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Simple weight loss tips – Ways to Lose Weight Fast


People who go for a walk to reduce weight is more than the people who go for fitness.


There are people who spend lakhs to reduce weight. Some People are cheated by attractive advertising.


Weight loss is not difficult but we have to follow certain things in our daily life to make it easy.


Today we are going to share that weight loss is simple.


We have to select a smaller plate as we tend to eat more while using bigger plates.


It is said we can reduce 100-200 calories per day and we can reduce 5-10 Kgs in a year and let us take this as a first initiative.


Take your breakfast at 8 AM, Lunch- before 1 pm, and dinner before 8 PM and avoid taking dinner after 8 PM and you can also divide your meals into 6 small parts.


Don’t watch TV while eating and eat homemade foods.


You should eat your food very fast and spend at least 20 minutes to take your food.


We should chew our food properly and the food fills our stomach and sends a signal to our brain and gives a feeling of satisfaction.


But when we eat fast our stomach fills before the signal reaches the brain which causes obesity and we can prevent this problem when we take our food slowly.


The chemical components present in Green Tea helps to burn more calories and keeps you refreshed without adding more calories.


We are taking mostly cooked foods which leads to weight gain.


Instead, we can add 3 Types of raw vegetables and fruits as it is rich in fiber and water content.


It fills our stomach with low calories and it helps to reduce weight as well as keep us healthy.


If you are feeling hungry, take vegetables soup varieties like carrot, mushroom, dal before food.


As they are low in calories it helps in weight loss.


Take a 5 minutes break for every 2 hours if you sit and work for long hours and it will be you a feeling of going for a walk for 20 minutes a day.

It also helps to reduce weight.


By burning 100 calories/ day we can approximately reduce 5 kgs in a year and for this walk a mile in 20 minutes.


You can do Gardening for 20 minutes, cleaning house for 30 minutes, Running for 10 minutes, Skipping for 9 minutes etc.


Finally, Bend and Wipe the floor for 20 minutes and if we do any one of these, weight loss is simple.


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