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Night Shifts Problems And Night Shift Health Tips You Must Know


Today we will talk about the health impact of a night shift. If you are working on night shift or anyone you know is working on night shift, then they must know about these health issues.


Which are associated with it because knowing it can help them take proper actions to control it and try to be healthy which is the aim of this blog.


Let us now talk about its impact on our brain.


When you sleep at night, a hormone called melatonin is produced in the pineal gland of the brain which regulates the sleep cycle of your body.


It is produced mostly in dark and its production reduces if the light is present. If we don’t sleep at night and work instead


Melatonin is not made or made very less and it cannot be produced properly in daytime due to light.


Due to this people suffer from sleep disorder or tiredness all the time.


Long-term night shifts can also lead to problems like depression.


It also affects your performance and concentration because nightshift employees are less likely to complete their sleep properly which leads to increasing sleep debt.


Hence reduced concentration and performance. Long-term night shifts also increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity etc.


Shift work can increase the risk of heart diseases up to 40%. Here are some tips for you which can help you to be healthy in this situation.


Always sleep in a darker room. Cover them properly to make them as dark as possible in the daytime.


Also, try to make your room soundproof to avoid getting disturbed due to noise in the daytime.


Stick to eating and sleeping schedule even if it is a day. This can help you to maintain the production of melatonin and your sleep cycle may be less affected.


This itself can keep you away from a lot of health risks. Also, please try to sleep for seven to nine hours continuously instead of sleeping in shifts.


Remember that undisturbed complete sleep is very important. Take proper rest on holiday to reduce your sleep debt and become fresher.


Night shift employees should not exercise in morning and should not take alcohol, coffee or tea before going to sleep.


People generally relate alcohol with proper sleep but this isn’t true it can even disturb your sleep of seven to nine hours and you can feel disturbed just in a few hours after sleep.


Also, do not use sleeping pills because they are unhealthy and can even become an addiction.


Instead, try what we discussed above and it will help you. Please don’t try to be active in the daytime as well.


Remember, you are a human being not a superhuman. Please follow the tips mentioned to improve your quality of life and remain healthy. Be informed and be safe.


Our mission is to become a small contributor towards the healthier world. Please share this article if you think someone needs this information.


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