Fast skin whitening tips

Fast skin whitening tips

Today’s remedy is very special for Skin Whitening.


Fast skin whitening tips


So you will see yourself how effective this remedy is. So read carefully.


And write the procedure step by step.


This is my personal tip and you won’t find it on any other website.


Yes others will copy this tip but its an original one By


So let’s check out this tip.


First, we will prepare Scrub.


Add Some Honey.


Add some Orange Juice.


Then add Sugar


Now mix these ingredients properly


You have to scrub it on our skin with the lemon and Do it for 25 minutes.



Note the time and make sure you scrub it for 25 minutes.


I couldn’t take care of my skin. Because of which my skin was damaged.


Then I started experimenting with Beauty tips.


Therefore I do try different tips.


This was the tip which helped me in making my skin very fresh. So I have shared it with you today.


You can see the results after the scrub.


Now we will prepare Skin Whitening Mask


Add Rice Flour and now you have to add 5% hydrogen peroxide Solution.


If you do not want to use it. you can skip Hydrogen per Oxide.


Hydrogen peroxide is very effective for scars and skin lightening.


Now you have to add Shea Butter And You have to add 4 tablespoons of Shea Butter.


This is very helpful for moisturizing your skin.


After butter, you have to add orange Juice.


And now mix all these ingredients properly.


In the end, it will turn up in a thick paste


Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 30 minutes


I repeat note the time and apply it for 30 minutes


Until its completely dry


And After the mask dries wash it with Rice water


Soak the rice in water and wash your hands with rice water


I challenge you to use this tip for 30 days and then you won’t need skin whitening injections.


I will be back with a new beauty tip till then Bye Bye


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